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Volné pokoje na červen

pokoj č.1 : obsazeno pokoj č.2 : 15.-17.6.,23.-29.6. pokoj č.3 : 23.6.-1.7.

Volné termíny na červenec a srpen

pokoj č.1 :29.6.-7.7.,24.-27.7.,10.-17.8.,17.-24.8.,24.-31.8. pokoj č.2 : 14.-20.7.,20.-27.7.,3.-10.8.,10.-17.8.,17.-24.8.,24.-31.8. Pokoj č.3 : 7.-13.7.,23.-25.8.,

Nové vybavení zahrady

Bazén 3,6 m, trampolína, klouzačka, houpačky, hrací domek a velké pískoviště na zahradě pro děti.

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The city Liberec offers many activities for spending your leisure time with your family, friends or alone. In summer time you can hike or ride a bike. During the winter there is possibility to spent your time skiing or snowboarding in the ski resort Ještěd.

We would like to recommend you the exhibit of the prestigious botanical garden which is the oldest in the Czech republic and has variegated plant collection involving exotic species. Don´t forget to visit the oldest zoo which was founded in 1919 in the area of former Czechoslovakia. You can see the white form of benegal tigers - the only breed within the Czech Republic.

There are many other interesting places for tourists – castles or manor houses like Frýdlant v Čechách, Sychrov, Hrubý Rohozec etc. You can let the cycle tracks to lead you to the mountains, one of two near spas (Libverda or Kunratice) or to Bohemian Paradise or Macha lake. In the winter the hillsides of Ještěd becomes parts of the second biggest ski centre in the Czech republic. Especially families and bigger groups will appreciate the recreation in the  swimming pool or the aquapark Babylon.

You will surely choose how to spend your leisure time in the best way according to your taste and mood.

The nearest shopping centre to our boarding house is OC Nisa in the distance circa 3 minutes by car. There are 160 shops, multiplex Cinestar Liberec with eight screens, KFC, MC Donald and restaurants in this shopping centre.

There are 4 restaurants about 350 meters far from the hotel where you can enjoy eating with your family or frineds.

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